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Work life balance

Guest: Dr. Dori Carlson

It’s 5:00 PM, you’ve got your coat on and are heading out the door when your office manager stops you and says, “Mrs. Abrasion is on her way over.  She was in a lot of pain so I thought it was best she come right over. I’m sorry – I hope that was OK.”

Of course it’s OK because you want to take care of this patient, but in doing so, you’ll now be late for your daughter’s violin recital.

Nearly all doctors, whether they are practice owners or associates, working in private or corporate practices, struggle with work–life balance.

On this episode of the Power Hour former AOA President, current full time OD and mom, Dr. Dori Carlson joins the show.  Tune in to hear about how she juggled three full time jobs when most of us stress over just one.

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Date: Wednesday, February 3, 2016

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