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We give you the
power to dream big!

We give you the
power to dream big!

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Upcoming Presentations

Take a Team Approach


Meet practice goals by involving your entire team. Here’s how…

Optometric Management September 2018

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If you want to increase optical sales, stop talking to whoever sells eyeglasses, and start talking to everyone else on your team.

This scenario is common: You return from a motivating presentation and meet with your staff to recap it. “I attended this great lecture about how we can increase second pair sales. All the opticians have to do is . . .”

Within seconds, your technician, receptionist and insurance biller are texting and checking social media sites on their phones. That’s because the earth-shattering idea was presented from the wrong perspective.

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Advances in Low Vision Technology


Help visually impaired patients improve their quality of life by educating them on these aids

Optometric Management August 2018

People who have low vision are often active self-advocates, looking for ways to enhance their ability to live in a world that is more visual than it has ever been. From smartphones to tablets to computers to navigation systems, everyone is required to constantly use their eyes to gather information about the world.

New advances in technology are helping people who have low vision maintain independence and improve their quality of life. Here’s a look at this technology.

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National Client Meeting 2019

The Power Practice National Client Meeting

April 11 & 12, 2019

Rancho Bernardo Inn

San Diego, CA