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Can Lasik Correct Astigmatism?

The “perfect” eyeball would be a smooth sphere with optical lenses that function at their best. But in the real world, this rarely happens. Usually, eyes are not shaped perfectly and visual acuity is therefore compromised. When you have astigmatism, the eye is elliptical – similar to a football shape....

Calibrate Your PPP Spending To Your Reopening Ramp-Up

By Gary Gerber, OD, Chief Dream Officer, The Power Practice Please read this before you spend another penny of your PPP money Since time is of the essence and what I’m about to say may be advice that prevents your practice from going under, I’ll skip the typical article preamble...

Our docs think out of the box!

Dr.Bonilla-Warford launched the Bright Eyes #LegoGlassesChallenge. On the practice's Facebook page, he launched the contest by asking, "Kids bored? Want an activity to keep them occupied AND win free Lego sets?"

Take a Team Approach

  Meet practice goals by involving your entire team. Here’s how... Optometric Management September 2018 If you want to increase optical sales, stop talking to whoever sells eyeglasses, and start talking to everyone else on your team. This scenario is common: You return from a motivating presentation and meet with your...

Advances in Low Vision Technology

  Help visually impaired patients improve their quality of life by educating them on these aids Optometric Management August 2018 People who have low vision are often active self-advocates, looking for ways to enhance their ability to live in a world that is more visual than it has ever been....
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Our CPR (COVID Practice Reopening) program is now available for your practice.

As time is of the essence, contact us NOW to ensure your practice comes through the pandemic as quickly, efficiently, and profitably as possible and ask us about our special CPR program fees. Click here for more information or sign up here.