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The Power Practice delivers custom practice solutions,

based on a flexible, proven success model.

I've been a solo practitioner since 1989 and a Power Practice client since 2003. I do regret not hiring The Power Practice before seeing my first patient years ago. I spent the firs 14 years of my career trying to build an optometric practice on my own.

Sure, there are practice management books out there, but who has the time to read them and hope that the methods really work. Optometry school did a great job of teaching me how to be a good clinician but a terrible job of preparing me for what it takes to run a successful practice. Needless to say, the first 14 years of practice has been fraught with mistakes and omissions; I paid the price for these that could have been easily avoided.

Working with The Power Practice has been a real pleasure. I'm guessing that I must have sent them over 1,000 emails to date and, never once, have they failed to respond promptly and with concern. They are committed to helping you build your practice and will expend considerable energy along with sage advice in doing so. They are full of endless proven creative ideas that will give your practice a large edge in your community.

If you think that not hiring The Power Practice is money saved, you are wrong. By not hiring them you will ultimately spend more money and waste years like I did by using the trial-and-error method. You will ultimately recoup your costs so hiring The Power Practice.

If you are a new practitioner I highly recommend using them to establish your career on the right path. If you have been in practice for a number of years already, I also highly recommend The Power Practice to take your established practice to other levels. Please feel free to call or email me if I can be of further help to you.

- Michael Frisch, OD - Northridge, CA