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Once I hired the Power Practice, I  began my journey into actually realizing my practice’s potential.

Buying a small private practice in the little rural town I live in was a dream come true for me.  After 10 years of working for others in commercial and private settings, I was finally able to acheive my goal of ownership.  After the initial purchase and upgrades,  It took 5 years to take this fixer-upper, with one part-time staff member, minimal space and NO visibility to a respectable productive primary care practice.  Later, I was able to purchase property and build exactly what I had envisioned to perfectly suit my practice style.  After all these years, I had arrived!!  Or so I thought.  Nearly 2 years after settling into my fabulous new clinic with awesome road front access, adequate parking and a good signage, I found that my production was nearly the same as it was in the small, invisible space I’d had prior.  But now my overhead had tripled!

A pivotal moment for me was when I reached out to The Power Practice through an internet survey.  I knew I needed assistance.  I had all of the things I had always dreamed of, yet I couldn’t seem to keep my head above water.  Once I hired the Power Practice, I  began my journey into actually realizing my practice’s potential.  Within a very short time, my consulting team provided me with the tools and confidence to put my practice back on track.  For 2 years running, our growth was ridiculous! Up to 20%!   The net was improved and I was finally able to breath easier and actually enjoy life. That pivotal moment was over 7 years ago.  Since this time, the Power Practice philosophy has become deeply ingrained in my practice. They have taught me that if I have goals,  together we can make it happen!  Any issue that needs attention, my consultant is right there on this journey with me. They have my back.  They have become family to us and there is a deepened level of trust between us.

Along with all the tools and mentoring, The Power Practice network of clients from practices all over the country have been an immeasurable source of information. The combined experiences provide a sounding board, helping us to implement new things that we might never have thought possible in my small town practice. For every situation, there is someone among the group who can shed light and provide guidance.  We all have different styles and settings.  But at the end of the day, we all have the POWER behind us to succeed.

Before the Power Practice I had knowledge.  Now I have confidence to manage that knowledge and feel I have become a true leader.  Now I know I can make it happen!

- Dr. Rena Cron, Eagleville Eye Clinic, Eagleville, TN
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