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I can’t say enough positives about Dr. Gerber and the Power Practice team.

After starting with Dr. Gerber and the Power Practice team in 2003, we were able to learn valuable managerial and organizational skills that turned our desire to improve patient care and increase profitability into a reality.

Before the Power Practice, we tended to spin our wheels by relying on our set ways of running an Optometric practice which caused our growth to stagnate. With Dr. Gerber's guided assistance and the detailed Power Practice action plan, we learned many new ways to improve our practice through enhanced patient care which greatly increased our profitability.

Our detailed action plan is unique for our office and not a cookie cutter format that we were supposed to try to fit into such as other consulting firms sell. We tried one of those to no avail - we ended up with an increased level of frustration knowing we wasted a large amount of money and barely made any profitable changes to our practice.

The Power Practice understands that each practice is unique and they work to make sure that we are meeting the goals of our individual practice and keeping up with our plan.

Along the way we have hit some road blocks, but they have always been there to help us through it and take another step forward. The Power Practice has turned an overwhelming and seemingly impossible transformation into a day-to-day reality. I, as one of the doctors in the practice, have learned that if I break a task into components with feasible steps, I actually can still be a doctor as well as change the organizational structure of my practice to meet the goals that we have set.

I can't say enough positives about Dr. Gerber and the Power Practice team. We are still evolving and learning new improvements every day and I am very reassured that the Power Practice will be there to assist us with this transformation.

- Christopher Inclima, O.D., West Haven, CT, Client since 2003
Google Reviews - 5/5

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