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Read Our Client Testimonials

What our clients are saying!

There is no way we’d be where we are without the help of the Power Practice.

We never thought we'd open a practice cold a couple years after finishing optometry school. Our professors discouraged it as too risky in saturated southern California. Most people talk about competition but we have not one but two optometry schools within a 35 mile drive of our office.

We knew going it alone would be foolish. I mean, even Tom Brady has a quarterback coach. So we read reviews and interviewed other optometrists who had hired practice management consultants. Reviews were often mixed with some, but when we asked previous clients of the Power Practice the story was always the same: hire them you won't regret it.

Fast forward a few years after opening cold and we have one of the fastest growing practices in the country in a highly competitive market. We've followed the Power Practice processes and worked on creating a winning culture to execute the strategy we wanted to implement. There is no way we'd be where we are without the help of the Power Practice. You don't know what you don't know, which is cliche yet so true when it comes to running your business especially as a young OD fresh out of school like we were.DSC 0287

You absolutely will NOT save money by going it alone and learning by trial and error. I think most new grads fail to recognize the difference between an expense and an investment. An investment pays off in the long run even if you have to put up some money initially. Investing in yourself, your processes, and your ability to think like a sound business person is the best investment. Investing in a business mentor, coach, and friend has helped our practice tremendously. The power practice was all that for us. Highly recommended!

- Dr. Thanh Mai and Dr. Valerie Lam, Insight Vision Center, Costa Mesa, California

Power Practice was able to provide multiple experts and encourage us to stay true to who we are.

We've been clients of The Power Practice for just over 8 years. Prior to signing on, we had a young, growing, and rewarding practice. As we were building our new office (going from 1800 to 6800sq ft), we realized that we had one opportunity to create the best impression for our patients. We knew we could do it ourselves, but we also realized that other perspectives would make it easier and hopefully better. Evaluating the choices in the marketplace, The Power Practice was able to provide multiple experts and encourage us to stay true to who we are. Since then, our ability to bounce ideas off of hundreds of other clients and our expert team has led to dramatic growth and increased satisfaction. As the industry and our practice has changed, so has the advice and encouragement we have received.

- Dr. Brian Spittle and Dr. Norma Spittle, The Eye Place, Midlothian, Virginia

Once I hired the Power Practice, I  began my journey into actually realizing my practice’s potential.

Buying a small private practice in the little rural town I live in was a dream come true for me.  After 10 years of working for others in commercial and private settings, I was finally able to acheive my goal of ownership.  After the initial purchase and upgrades,  It took 5 years to take this fixer-upper, with one part-time staff member, minimal space and NO visibility to a respectable productive primary care practice.  Later, I was able to purchase property and build exactly what I had envisioned to perfectly suit my practice style.  After all these years, I had arrived!!  Or so I thought.  Nearly 2 years after settling into my fabulous new clinic with awesome road front access, adequate parking and a good signage, I found that my production was nearly the same as it was in the small, invisible space I’d had prior.  But now my overhead had tripled!

A pivotal moment for me was when I reached out to The Power Practice through an internet survey.  I knew I needed assistance.  I had all of the things I had always dreamed of, yet I couldn’t seem to keep my head above water.  Once I hired the Power Practice, I  began my journey into actually realizing my practice’s potential.  Within a very short time, my consulting team provided me with the tools and confidence to put my practice back on track.  For 2 years running, our growth was ridiculous! Up to 20%!   The net was improved and I was finally able to breath easier and actually enjoy life. That pivotal moment was over 7 years ago.  Since this time, the Power Practice philosophy has become deeply ingrained in my practice. They have taught me that if I have goals,  together we can make it happen!  Any issue that needs attention, my consultant is right there on this journey with me. They have my back.  They have become family to us and there is a deepened level of trust between us.

Along with all the tools and mentoring, The Power Practice network of clients from practices all over the country have been an immeasurable source of information. The combined experiences provide a sounding board, helping us to implement new things that we might never have thought possible in my small town practice. For every situation, there is someone among the group who can shed light and provide guidance.  We all have different styles and settings.  But at the end of the day, we all have the POWER behind us to succeed.

Before the Power Practice I had knowledge.  Now I have confidence to manage that knowledge and feel I have become a true leader.  Now I know I can make it happen!

- Dr. Rena Cron, Eagleville Eye Clinic, Eagleville, TN

Using their services can benefit the very small start-up to larger practices and recommend them. 

I have been a Power Practice member for over 5 years. I have found Power Practice valuable both with looking at the "big picture" but also with some of the day-to-day issues that arise. The Power Practice ListServ is of so much value, I glean something from it almost every day! I think that using their services can benefit the very small start-up to larger practices and recommend them.

- Laurie Sorrenson, OD, FAAO, Lakeline Vision Source, Austin, Texas

Whenever a challenge arises, I know I can reach out to them. It’s like having a lifeline!

It has always been a dream to open a practice of our own and we finally had the opportunity to open "cold" in late 2013. With the rapidly changing dynamics in healthcare and eye care, we decided that having an alliance with the Power Practice would be vital to becoming a competitive and successful practice. That belief has proven to be true and we continue to thrive and grow each year! Our consultants and coaches have been there with us through it all. Whenever a challenge arises, I know I can reach out to them. It's like having a lifeline!
We also appreciate the alliance with the other clients as we learn so much from each other and there is a culture of genuine care and support. We could not imagine trying to run a practice without the Power Practice!

- Dr. Rose Susel & Dr. Perry Lucente, Dunkirk Vision, Dunkirk, Maryland

Without a doubt joining the Power Practice has been the best thing I have ever done for my practice!

I originally searched for a consulting group to help with the business aspects of my practice. I decided to join the Power Practice due to their personalized, hands-on approach. They also have hundreds of clients, so I knew their advice would be based on much more proven experience than other consulting groups could offer.
Having been a client for several years, I now know that the Power Practice has helped me more than I could have ever expected. From staff management, to marketing, to equipment purchases, they are constantly examining every aspect of my practice. Most importantly they help keep me motivated to grow my practice.
Another major benefit of joining the Power Practice is the clients. I learn something new almost every day from our client emails, some of which has saved me thousands of dollars or just helps me run a better practice. The Power Practice clients are a very close group of practice owners that genuinely want to help each other succeed. It’s very comforting knowing that I am not in this alone.
Financially, the Power Practice has helped my practice reach goals that I would have never thought were attainable. Personally, I am much more relaxed and I’m able to spend more time with family and doing the things I truly love!
Without a doubt joining the Power Practice has been the best thing I have ever done for my practice. If you are thinking of joining a consulting group or trying to decide between consulting groups, please feel free to contact me at and I would be happy to share my experience of working with the Power Practice.

- Dr. Jeff Kenyon, Blackstone Valley Eye Care, Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Joining the Power Practice family is one decision I never question.

After twenty years of being an employed O.D. in various practices, I decided that I wanted to purchase and build my own practice. I knew nothing about running a business. I wanted independence, but I needed education and some hand-holding. A colleague gave rave reviews of his consulting company, The Power Practice. It seemed to be just what I needed.

I hired Power Practice initially to help with the practice purchase and transition. Since then, my consultants have taught me how to hire, manage and, when necessary, fire staff. They helped organize the office operations with a constant focus on customer service. My team also taught us how to optimize the optical and overall profits. My consultants are always available to answer our many questions. They respond to emails and calls quickly and with great advice. Most importantly, my consultants care about ME. They emphasize the importance of a healthy work-life balance while increasing my net profits.

We often question the many decisions we make every day. Joining the Power Practice family is one decision I never question.

- Dr. Ellen Kapiloff, Family Vision Associates, Parsippany,New Jersey

The bottom line – my practice has nearly tripled since consulting with them.

I began my optometric career working for commercial type chains. After getting burnt out, I decided the only way to go was to open up cold - this was in 1990. I had hired various consultants and had some growth but began to stagnate. In 1995 I felt it was time to get some significant consulting to change the flat pattern of growth. At the time I was in an 850 sq. foot office and had a staff of three (2 full time and one part time).

I researched the possible consultants and narrowed it down to three - Kattouf, Williams, and The Power Practice. With regard to Kattouf, references told me that he used a lot of forms and not much else. Many also commented that there was no follow up. Some doctors commented that he tried to push his way of practice on the OD instead of allowing the OD to improve the existing practice and style.

With Williams I heard few positives and mostly heard that their methods were "canned" and that follow-up was also poor. Williams is a big group and I felt that individual attention may be lost at times.

Needless to say, I chose The Power Practice to consult with my practice. The thing that appealed to me about them was that Gary, the founder is a real practicing OD that lives, eats, sleeps and breaths optometry (and that's the truth! Just ask any OD in northern NJ. Gary has the best practice in the area and is always ahead of the pack -He never ceases to amaze me!)

They came to my practice and went through the process of collecting data,  diagnosing the problem areas and coming up with an extensive treatment/management plan. I had explosive growth immediately and was able to pay the consulting bill in less than three months. They all have a keen sense of customer service, patient flow, making lasting impressions on each patient, utilizing technicians through delegation, recall and last but not least staying considerably profitable.

I think that we all are creatures of habit -- but sometimes we develop bad habits. It takes experts like those at The Power Practice to see these bad habits and change them into good ones.

They also stay on top of the ever changing playing field of optometry and finds new ways to win the game. They are always available to speak with and continue to develop new plans of action.

The bottom line - my practice has nearly tripled since consulting with them. I now own my own building, (which is extremely difficult to do in these parts with limited real estate) have a staff of eight including a full time optician, and a beautiful new office. Lastly, I will be hiring an associate sometime this year.

Without sounding like a canned testimonial, I owe much of my success to The Power Practice. If I had to do it all over again, I wish I would have hired them in the first place.

- Dr. James Aversa, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ, Client since 1995

Since that time they’ve been with me every step of the way.

The Power Practice started working with me from the inception of my practice. I opened cold turkey in 2001.

Their wisdom on marketing and just day to day operations has been indispensable. They are always available for my questions and respond promptly whether it is by email or phone. I would venture to say this would be hard to find elsewhere. Overall I have been very satisfied with my choice in using The Power Practice and would highly recommend others to do the same.

- Dr. David M. Blair, Primary Eye Care, Burlington, Kentucky

I can’t say enough positives about Dr. Gerber and the Power Practice team.

After starting with Dr. Gerber and the Power Practice team in 2003, we were able to learn valuable managerial and organizational skills that turned our desire to improve patient care and increase profitability into a reality.

Before the Power Practice, we tended to spin our wheels by relying on our set ways of running an Optometric practice which caused our growth to stagnate. With Dr. Gerber's guided assistance and the detailed Power Practice action plan, we learned many new ways to improve our practice through enhanced patient care which greatly increased our profitability.

Our detailed action plan is unique for our office and not a cookie cutter format that we were supposed to try to fit into such as other consulting firms sell. We tried one of those to no avail - we ended up with an increased level of frustration knowing we wasted a large amount of money and barely made any profitable changes to our practice.

The Power Practice understands that each practice is unique and they work to make sure that we are meeting the goals of our individual practice and keeping up with our plan.

Along the way we have hit some road blocks, but they have always been there to help us through it and take another step forward. The Power Practice has turned an overwhelming and seemingly impossible transformation into a day-to-day reality. I, as one of the doctors in the practice, have learned that if I break a task into components with feasible steps, I actually can still be a doctor as well as change the organizational structure of my practice to meet the goals that we have set.

I can't say enough positives about Dr. Gerber and the Power Practice team. We are still evolving and learning new improvements every day and I am very reassured that the Power Practice will be there to assist us with this transformation.

- Christopher Inclima, O.D., West Haven, CT, Client since 2003

Success requires a team!

It takes a community of strengths to be a successful, working mom. The Power Practice team helps guide you towards the balance between home, family, and business.

- Kathy Khong, OD - Portland, OR

The Power Practice has assembled a highly qualified network…

of optometric and business experts to overcome any practice challenge." -

- Brian McGourty, OD - Nampa, ID


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