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Dr. Paul Karpecki discusses telemedicine

Telehealth may be one tool to help your practice and patients get through the COVID-19 pandemic—and it will help the business side of the practice as well.

Paul Karpecki, OD, joins the show to discuss the current state of telehealth solutions, best practices to use the technology, explaining it to patients and staff, and how to bill for it.

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Date: Wednesday, March 18, 2020

6 responses to “Dr. Paul Karpecki discusses telemedicine”

  1. Victoria Whitman says:

    I missed the name of the app used to take visual acuity, color, amsler grid, etc. I did hear that it needs to be a desktop as opposed to an iPad.

    Also, how do I ensure I get the summary/pdf from the AOA recap. I did listen to the webinar yesterday as well. Thank you very much for hosting this valuable discussion and for all of your help!

    • allieemma says:

      Eyecarelive is the name of the app. I received your email request for the AOA documents as well. We will be getting that out to you today. Thanks for listening.

  2. Trevor crabtree says:

    Can you please send me all tellemed info published by AOA

  3. Dr Gerber
    So enjoyed your informative show with Dr Karpecki. Please forward your list of FAQ, the pdf from AOA and the overview from Optometric Medical Solutions.
    Are you aware of other sources to check VAs, CV, Amsler etc other than Eye Care Live? It is not compatible with my EMR. Thanks again for your valuable program. Looking forward to the next!
    Thanks, Kevin

    • allieemma says:

      Check your email for the documents requested. I am not aware of other source that may be compatible with your EMR. Hoping some other doctors can respond with additional ideas.

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