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Calibrate Your PPP Spending To Your Reopening Ramp-Up

By Gary Gerber, OD, Chief Dream Officer, The Power Practice
Please read this before you spend another penny of your PPP money

Since time is of the essence and what I’m about to say may be advice that prevents your practice from going under, I’ll skip the typical article preamble about how the COVID pandemic has affected practices and what PPP stands for. If you’re reading this, you already know. Instead, this article is so urgent that if you have PPP money sitting in your bank account, it’s something you must read now.

Calibrate Your PPP Spending to Your Reopening Ramp-up

Take a Team Approach

Meet practice goals by involving your entire team. Here’s how...

Optometric Management September 2018

rawpixel 597440 unsplash

If you want to increase optical sales, stop talking to whoever sells eyeglasses, and start talking to everyone else on your team.

This scenario is common: You return from a motivating presentation and meet with your staff to recap it. “I attended this great lecture about how we can increase second pair sales. All the opticians have to do is . . .”

Within seconds, your technician, receptionist and insurance biller are texting and checking social media sites on their phones. That’s because the earth-shattering idea was presented from the wrong perspective.

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