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The Power Practice Names Dr. Bethany Fishbein as New CEO

TAMPA, Fla.—The Power Practice has named Bethany Fishbein, OD, as its new chief executive officer. The Power Practice provides coaching and consulting services customized to its clients, helping them to meet the growing demands of an increasingly competitive landscape and maximize their practices. Dr. Fishbein said she looks forward to fostering the reputation that The Power Practice has established in the eyecare industry. “The growing company is known for its ‘outside the box’ thinking and commitment to client-defined success,” Dr. Fishbein said.

“The company’s consulting team includes optometrists and experts from business, sales, and retail who are driven by the sincere desire to help others. They challenge clients to dig deep to determine their real goals and provide the strategy and accountability to help them not only achieve but exceed them.”

Dr. Fishbein and her husband Jonathan Fishbein, OD, both 1997 graduates of New England College of Optometry, sought help from The Power Practice when they opened their first practice in 2001. “I quickly realized that I loved the business aspects of practice ownership and dove into learning how to make a business work,” said Dr. Fishbein. After recognizing her passion for helping others succeed, Fishbein began working with The Power Practice as a consultant.

Many doctors are reevaluating their goals post-COVID-19, according to Dr. Fishbein. “The message to our clients is always the same: tell us where you want to be. We will look at where you are now, figure out what you need to do to reach your goals, and be right alongside you on the journey,” she said.

The Power Practice was founded in 2003 by chief dream officer Dr. Gary Gerber, a well-known entrepreneur, and business management consultant.

In passing the baton to the new CEO, Dr. Gerber said, “Bethany has an uncanny ability to look at a business, figure out the underlying problems, and help the owner prioritize their activities to reach solutions. She has an exciting vision for the future, which is why she is the perfect person to lead the team as The Power Practice’s CEO.”

Calibrate Your PPP Spending To Your Reopening Ramp-Up

By Gary Gerber, OD, Chief Dream Officer, The Power Practice
Please read this before you spend another penny of your PPP money

Since time is of the essence and what I’m about to say may be advice that prevents your practice from going under, I’ll skip the typical article preamble about how the COVID pandemic has affected practices and what PPP stands for. If you’re reading this, you already know. Instead, this article is so urgent that if you have PPP money sitting in your bank account, it’s something you must read now.

Calibrate Your PPP Spending to Your Reopening Ramp-up

Our docs think out of the box!

For some time, Dr. Bonilla-Warford has used vision therapy in his practice and has been a believer in Lego figures and toys as a way to engage children he works with. Recognizing that so many children were staying at home with their parents during this time, and inspired by his own 13-year-old daughter who was interested in updating her own Lego set, he was struck with an idea to develop an at-home activity to keep children occupied, connected to eyecare, and give them a way to solve a creative challenge and win a free Lego set (or a gift card for one). So Bonilla-Warford launched the Bright Eyes #LegoGlassesChallenge.

On our Facebook page, he launched the contest by asking, “Kids bored? Want an activity to keep them occupied AND win free Lego sets?”Parents are asked to have their child (under 18 years of age) build some eyeglasses with Lego bricks. They do need to be wearable—at least for a minute or two. They’re asked to take a picture of the child wearing their Lego glasses and post that photo as a comment on the Facebook post. “Have your child write a sentence or more about what the idea is behind their Lego glasses on or before April 30, 2020.

On May 1, 2020, the Bright Eyes Staff will vote on the entries. The criteria of the judging will be the creativity of the Lego glasses they build. “Go crazy and have fun!” Bright Eyes writes “The more imaginative, the better!”Then, friends and family can vote on each entry via their Likes. “On May 2, we will announce the two winners. We would LOVE to personally deliver the Lego sets to you, but we think that it is safer to just mail you a $50 gift card.””This is just a fun event, helping us make sure we’re consistently doing outreach to our patients, but letting them know we’re thinking about them in creative ways,” Dr. Bonilla-Warford told Click. Since the contest started, the local middle school PTA reached out and are sharing it, as are some local businesses, and another local optometry office shared it as well.

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Source – Vision Monday, Friday April 24

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