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Balance - "Success requires a team. It takes a community of strengths to be a successful, working mom. The Power Practice® team helps guide you towards the balance between home, family, and business." - Kathy Khong, OD, Portland, OR


Reputation - "The Power Practice® has partnered with optometrists for more than 20 years and continues to receive profound acclaim." - John Burns, OD, Clinton, MD


Knowledge - "The Power Practice® delivers custom practice solutions, based on a flexible, proven success model." - Michael Frisch, OD, Northridge, CA


Experience - "The Power Practice® has assembled a highly qualified network of optometric and business experts to overcome any practice challenge." - Brian McGourty, OD, Nampa, ID


Client Interaction - "The Power Practice® builds lasting and meaningful relationships with clients and takes pride in its responsiveness, accessibility and continuous consultation. The Power Practice® is always there for its client-doctors." - Jeremy Ciano, OD, Indianapolis, IN


"All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them." - Walt Disney


Optometry's Only Live Talk Radio Show!!

You have talent.  You have passion.

The Power Practice will show you how to direct your energy and skills into practice success and the achievement of your dreams.

The first step to powering your dreams begins right here . . . right NOW!

Optometrists often read in trade journals that to be successful they must wear two hats - a doctor hat and a business person hat.

Yet, other successful businesses know that's wrong.

That's because they understand these three undeniable facts.

1.They already know they need to work on building their businesses.

2. They recognize they don't have time to do it.

3. They know when to "call in the troops."

At the Power Practice®, we realize that being a clinically competent and conscientious doctor is very time consuming. What we do is help you wear your second business "hat." We help you focus on those important business building tasks that you know you should be doing but never seem to find the time to do.  We show you how to take back control of your practice and help you power your dreams!

Plus, with more than 20 years of experience helping others build successful practices, we will identify new opportunities that save you money and generate additional revenue for your practice.

Dr. Gary Gerber, a very successful optometrist himself, is the Chief Dream Officer of the Power Practice®. He knows that to succeed in today's ultra-competitive optometric marketplace, even the most competent doctors need help building their practices. You know what your personal and professional dreams are and we'll help you power them.

The Power Practice® specializes in making optometrists more profitable. All of our services and products are designed to be easily implemented and to increase your bottom line. Our services include on-site consultations, phone consultations, seminars, chart audits, marketing tune ups, personality assessments, a weekly radio show and other services.

For more information, spend some time reviewing our web site.  Start by seeing what our current clients have to say about us by clicking here.

Then, sign up to the right (at no charge) before the end of this month for a free profit and loss analysis and join our email list!

Your dreams can come true . . . let us help you power them!

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